Pharmacy Bag Advertising

Pharmacy Bag Advertising

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Our local independent pharmacy is a cornerstone of British society. Knowing it’s there gives us a sense of innate comfort. The pharmacist is often the first person we go to when we’re feeling under the weather, or for advice on what to put on that angry looking rash!

For millions of Brits, our local pharmacy is a fundamental part of the effective management of our everyday, and more complex health issues; a place we visit regularly to pick up prescriptions and other over the counter medication.

Tabletalk’s Pharmacy advertising network consists of over 5,500 Green Cross Pharmacies across the UK and offers campaigns on a national, regional, local or postcode targeted scale. Brands that have run pharmacy advertising campaigns with Tabletalk include Vaseline, Nurofen, Corsodyl, Lemsip, Zirtek, Benadryl and many more. Pharmacies are effectively the first port of call for health services across the UK and the NHS encourages the public to see their pharmacist first for any minor ailments to ease pressure on GP’s.

Printed onto our branded paper pharmacy bags, your message is delivered directly into the hands of patients and carers by the pharmacist, renowned as one of the most trusted health professionals in the industry. People receiving information from a pharmacist naturally listen and are more likely to read every word, particularly because of the time and place the message is delivered. And because they are more inclined to listen and follow the instruction of a pharmacist, this serves to reinforce your own message and prompt action.

All of these things serve to reinforce the reasons why CBD brands are advertising on pharmacy bags, and this is why advertising in pharmacies is an excellent way to deliver your brand message. The tightly targeted campaigns mean that you’re able to support your brand nationally, regionally or locally within a specific radius of your shop to ensure that your message is delivered to a relevant audience and achieves little wastage whilst making the best use of any budget.

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