Marijuana and Mushrooms

Marijuana and Mushrooms

Posted by John Brown:- 

Marijuana and Mushrooms Are the Least Dangerous Recreational Drugs

You can grow magic mushrooms at home or find them in nature. You can also brew them in tea or eat them whole if you wish. When they are consumed, they produce a high that lasts for about four of five hours. There could be some side effects of this high but as scientist recently proved these are not so dangerous compared with other substances.

The effects you get depend on several factors: the type of mushroom that you took, the quantity of mushroom consumed and the size of the mushroom.  Psychedelic experiences are always something that makes humans a little worried but psychoactive mushrooms are not as dangerous as some think.

The Global Drug Survey released statistics that showed that it was only 0.2% of mushroom takers in the last one year needed emergency treatment due to the mushrooms they took. At the same time, the percentage for cocaine and LSD was 1%, while it was 0.6% for marijuana, 1.2% for ecstasy takers and 1.3% for alcohol.

Another thing to notice in this survey, is that the results reveal that magic mushrooms could be the safest recreational drugs that could be consumed. The survey took note of the drug use habits of about 120,000 people from 50 countries. The Global Drug Survey which conducted the research is an independent research company based in London. They produce reports for global media, public health and corporate organisations. The research as conducted to spread more awareness and educate more people around the world about drugs.

From the report, it can be seen that marijuana was mentioned as the second-least harmful drug. It was second to magic mushrooms. This shows that a lot needs to change in our legislation. Marijuana has been stereotyped and castigated by the media, politicians and a lot of other parties. But statistics and other things are showing that marijuana is an enjoyable recreational product which is not as dangerous as it is portrayed. Now more people should be able to enjoy their favorite blueberry weed or any other.

The report also showed that one of the most dangerous drugs is synthetic marijuana which is sold as black mamba or spice. Synthetic marijuana refers to the many chemical compounds that attempt to copy the effects of THC on the brain. THC is the major active ingredient in marijuana.

For a long period of time, ancient tribes had known about the psychedelic effect of magic mushrooms. Tribes in Spain, Algeria and other countries took these magic mushrooms during various spiritual ceremonies. The use of these mushrooms continued for centuries among various cultures.      

In the 1960s, these mushrooms were consumed in the United States when hallucinogenic and psychedelic drugs were popular. Now they are used by teens and young adults to get the hallucinogenic effect that they produce. Magic mushrooms and music often go hand in hand.

But one should be warned. It is not all mushroom trips that go as planned. It is a bad decision to mix mushrooms with alcohol. And mushrooms should be used with friends. This way, you have a lesser risk of experiencing disorientation, panic attacks and any other harmful effect.

Now there is something that you must be extremely careful about. There are poisonous mushrooms that must not be consumed. If you are not careful, you could mistake the poisonous mushrooms for the psychedelic ones. Be careful when going to buy psychedelic mushrooms as there are some of them that look exactly like poisonous mushrooms. There are over 100 psychedelic mushrooms that have been discovered. These mushrooms produce psilocybin which makes someone high when consumed.