CBD and Terpenes

CBD and Terpenes

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There are various methods to consume cannabis, the most traditional is smoking; with a wave of legislation changes creating a booming industry, the demand for vapes, edibles and tinctures has risen significantly. The long standing demand for cannabis has been due to its psychoactive cannabinoid, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), at a recreational level. Due to a wave of medical research supporting the various medical benefits of cannabis and its cannabinoids, the popularity with the second most abundant cannabinoid, THC’s non-psychoactive sister, CBD (cannabidiol) has surged. The most popular methods of consumption with cannabidiol has been via tinctures and vaping, yet the most common method of smoking cannabis has seen the demand for smokable CBD blossom.

Why has the demand risen and what are the benefits of smoking CBD? Along with the cannabinoid, you inhale its natural terpenes which are fragrant oils that give cannabis its aromatic diversity. With a history showcasing the medical value on par with cannabinoids, scientific research has risen with terpenes and their vast history as an alternative medicine, with that, so has consumer interest.


Here are the health benefits to the most common terpenes found in cannabis:

Alpha Bisobolal

Alpha bisobolal (also found in chamomile), fights inflammation as it possesses anti-bacterial properties.


Mycrene is abundant in high THC strains and the mango fruit, a powerful anti-inflammatory which relaxes the body and is commonly known to increase the psychoactive reaction when one consumes cannabis.


Limonene is also common in citrus fruits, know to treat bronchial infections and stimulate weight loss.


Borneol is found in cannabis and cinnamon, a medicinal super power that is commonly used to help with insomnia and is a broncholidator, antiseptic and analgesic.


Linalool is common throughout the plant world, also found in flowers, mint, cinnamon and a variety of mushrooms. Its anti-inflammatory properties have urged liver cancer patients to turn to linalool as an alternative and also aids neural function.


Eucalyptol is used in a range of products, such as mouthwash and cough medicine. Excellent for minty fresh breath and fighting a cold or the flu.


Camphene is also found in sage and is one of nature’s best antibiotics.


Carophyllene is great for stress related conditions, such as anxiety and depression. Found in a variety of cannabis strains, rosemary and hops.


Terpiniol cleans the body of toxins and restores good health which is found in the Jack Herer varieties of cannabis along with pine oil.

With the growing demand for cannabis derived terpenes, public interest in smokable CBD flower is spreading globally. Due to THC still criminalized throughout the majority of the world, the non-psychoactive option of its little sister is the best alternative to enhance your endocannabinoid system and introduce the marvel of terpenes whilst enjoying a healthy, relaxing smoke.